Our history begins on 1970, in a city called Guaramirim, at the north of the State of Santa Catarina, at the south of Brazil. It is a region colonized by Italians and Germans. This people brought at their baggage the strong relationship of the man with its work. And it was with this commitment that Metalúrgica IMAM, acting at the metallurgy area, started to produce the first shovels, hoes, sickles and a lot of other tools. But it is only the beggining of our history.

Since 1980, with the expansion of the agricultural frontier and the evolution of the mechanized agriculture at the country, Metalúrgica IMAM beggins to have as it focus the work reallized on the field. It is the begging of the production of parts to harvesters and agricultural implements. Today, IMAM is one one the biggest companies at this sector in Brazil and attends several manufacturers of agricultural machines (automakers) and counts on 1000 distribution points in Brazil and other 12 countries at Latin and Central America.

Since it planted the first seed, 40 years ago, Metalúrgica IMAM has harvested good fruits, results of its dedication, the good work and example left by the companies founders, Isolda Kinas and Lourival Stoinski, a couple who believed that it was at the goodwill and on the hands of each worker the instrument to the real transformations.